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I was lucky enough to have started my video career in a high school video production class, where I was given the opportunity to get my hands dirty much earlier than most of my peers. After a few embarrassing short videos and school news broadcasts, I was given the opportunity to film and produce broadcasts for my high school's football team (which was a pretty big deal in Oklahoma). After learning the ropes, I started getting paid gigs freelancing for sports broadcasts networks like ESPN, NFL Films, Fox Sports, and the Mountain West Networks, that I continued through college.

As an aspiring female editor, I studied film in college and tried my hand as a freelance editor after graduation. I loved it. But with the recent economic crash, and the discovery that my outgoing personality type might not thrive in a solitary dark room for extended periods of time, I decided to switch gears and go back to school for design - a lifelong passion, and something that was similar enough in theory to video editing (at least in my mind) for me to grasp quickly.

After going back to school for design (cue Adam Sandler), followed by a 4-year stint as a designer and a hot second as an event producer at a Minneapolis ad agency, I got a job at a local video production agency, that gave me the opportunity to dive back into the video side of things head first, and whet my appetite for all things production. Over the year I spent with there, I traveled all over the country producing patient stories for Medtronic, illustrated animated videos, and designed video slides and effects for countless videos. And now, having gone freelance full-time, I get to do all of that and more for a wide variety of clients.


AGENCY: Don't Blink

Client: Medtronic, Diabetes

PROJECT: Patient Story, MiniMed 770G

ROLE: Producer, Art Director

DATE: Spring 2021

Medtronic MiniMed 770G Patient Story - Rukiyyah

Medtronic MiniMed 770G Patient Story - Rukiyyah

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