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graphic design

I’ve always been interested in design, and grew up making rudimentary business cards for family and friends on Microsoft Word (*severe cringe shutters throughout my being*). 


Once I got older, I taught myself photoshop and illustrator. And after getting a job where I was able to utilize some of these skills, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue, and eventually do professionally. So when the video industry was struggling from the recession, I decided to pivot and go back to school for design.


One year and a design certificate later, I got my first proper design job at Periscope, where I spent 4 years learning about everything design, art direction and advertising from some of the best in the biz. I learned advanced design techniques, creative problem solving, efficient time management, and priceless communication skills. But one of the most impactful lessons I learned during my time there, was the importance (and best practices) of self-guided learning and growth. With this in mind, I am always trying to find new inspiration, new tools, and new skill sets to improve my work.

Amaazen outdoors

AGENCY: Abby Blunt Creative

project: Logo Design

ROLE: Designer

DATE: Spring 2020

echoes from iron ore

Agency: Abby Blunt Creative

project: Vinyl Album Art

role: Designer, Art Director

date: Spring 2020


AGENCY: Periscope

PROJECTs: Print, Digital, Social Media, New Brand Guidelines

ROLEs: Designer, Art Director