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event production

Growing up in a musical/theatrical family, I had my fair share of experience behind the scenes of productions of all sizes. Add that to my video production and volunteer experience, I developed a passion for live events. So when I was working as a designer
at Periscope, and the experiential team was strapped, I volunteered my services to get back into production and try my hand at live events as a producer.

After a successful trial run producing a Target event for Twin Cities Startup Week, I officially made the switch from the design department to the experiential team to start producing full-time. Unfortunately, soon after I wrapped the first event of my own for Cox Communication's Marketing & Sales Summit in Atlanta, Covid hit and I was laid off along with 50+ of my peers. But during the pandemic, I was able to take those skills and translate them to my volunteer work as a Young Life leader to producer a Covid-friendly week-long Summer camp. Now that the threat of Covid is subsiding, and the event world is back up and running, I am SO excited to get back into live events, and can't wait to share what I have in the works!

Cox marketing & Sales summit

AGENCY: Periscope

DATE: Winter 2020

Description: Every year Cox Communications holds an annual gathering of all its marketing and sales employees to learn, grow, and plan for the year ahead. As Cox's AOR, my team at Periscope produced all the creative for the week of events in Atlanta, Georgia. From banners and name tags, to sizzle reels and a live muralist, I (with help from my stellar team) managed the conception, design, timeline, and execution of all the creative for this event.

target accelerators

Agency: Periscope

date: Spring 2020

description: Along with my team, I facilitated, organized, and contributed to the creative process of showcasing Target's philanthropic small-business arm of their corporation, Target Accelerators, for a two-day series of events and experiences for Twin Cities Startup Week.

young life camp

AGENCY: Abby Blunt Creative

Date: Summer 2020

description: As a local volunteer leader for Young Life, I was called on to help organize a week-long camp for our students during one of the hardest years of their lives. With my skills in coordinating large-scale events, and experience navigating less than preferable conditions, I was able to successfully coordinate fun and safe activities for our students to participate in, while ensure day-to-day operations went smoothly.

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